Staring at the PR and Life Prize

A week or so ago (Sept. 28) we had a Loyalist PR Class with Aaron Bell who taught us about the value of a corporate, organization and personal mission statement.  We were shown clip with a NYC cab driver whose mission was to provide the most comfortable and best cab experience ever.  His vision, or dream, was to be the best cab

driver IN THE WORLD!

Aaron, though, was not just satisfied by showing us a person with a mission statement. He challenged us to create our own mission statements and also if we had the time to make a vision and value statement.  A value statement reflects our ethical and moral feelings (wow, almost sounds like Philosophy again)! Of course, I did all three statements.

My mission statement:

To continue to gain knowledge in all aspects of life and to stay open to new possibilities;  to use my knowledge in a career which stimulates me and to succeed in that career;  to use my knowledge and financial stability to provide for my significant other, my family and my loved ones.

My mission statement reflects my desire to have a fulfilling career while also keeping my family at the forefront.  I believe my mission statement reflects the many years of philosophy I took in university.

Now, my vision statement:

I would like to establish a family, be happy and to be a valued member of a company.  I wish to be happy and I desire to make as many other people happy.

My vision statement reflects one of my favorite philosophers: Aristotle.  His work, the Nichomachean Ethics, is a major influence on my life.  Although I may not agree entirely with his Virtue Ethics his opinions seem intuitively right most of the time.  He believes all human beings ultimately desire happiness and I think he is correct.  In the end, all things we do are done because of happiness.

Finally, my value statement:

To be honest, curious and stay true to my beliefs while doing anything in life.

My value statement is short and to the point, but I think it is a very strong statement.  It too reflects my philosophical background and beliefs.  With these statements, I feel as though I know exactly who I am and what I wish to achieve in my lifetime.  I feel as though I can basically do anything I set my mind to.


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