PR with Strombo

Recently, my Loyalist PR class took a trip to downtown Toronto. The plan for the day was to visit Steam Whistle Brewery, the Royal Bank of Canada, and the George Strombolopolous show.  While the whole day was a blast, the best PR lesson to me came from the thing I figured would be most entertaining and least informative.

George Strombolopolous is a great example of a strong personal brand. Throughout the show he kept the crowd, the stage crew and everyone on set entertained.  He also showed an authentic care for everyone who asked him a question.  While the guy could have been in a terrible mood, no one would have ever known.  He did not let any negative feelings show at all.

Further showing his commitment to his own values he stayed for over an hour taking pictures and answering questions.  Although he had friends waiting to go to dinner, he did not rush anyone.  He made no excuses to leave even though he knew none of us audience members on a personal basis.  There are so many opportunities for him to brush the public off, but instead he embraces his public role and creates a great impression on those he meets.

Most people are amazed at how many breaks and at how lucky George has gotten in life; yet, I am a strong believer that you can create your own luck.  Due to his hard work and strong personal values, George has made strong connections with people and that in turn created the opportunities in his life so far.


3 comments so far

  1. Travis on

    Nice picture with Strombo 😉

  2. Steph Sant on

    Absolutely a fantastic written blog!
    And not just because, I completely agree! lol
    George definitely has a commitment to fans, as all public figures do.
    Only difference is, and like you highlighted. He genuinely cares.
    I also agree that you create your own luck. You will be notice and you will be successful if you want it bad enough. And most importantly chase it.
    Today Aaron shared with us an important lesson in that. Be nice, don’t burn your bridges, you never know who is watching and listening, or who might be able to help.!
    Awesome Work Troy!

  3. kwbenjamin87 on

    great post an pic, got to love george, too. check you link becuase i changed blog sites.

    im waitting for the next post.

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