When New isn’t Best

In our classes we have learned that for most annual events three is the limit.  The first year, the event is new, exciting and draws lots of attention.  The second year, an event can learn from its mistakes and add a new concept to still draw lots of attention.  The third year, the event begins to become stale unless some major changes are made.  If you attempt a fourth annual event, hopefully your family shows up to the event (maybe not that dramatic but unexciting and stale).

Yet, there are many events which happen annually and become more popular due to their yearly nature.  The Super Bowl, the World Series and any other major sporting events are good examples.  A current  example is the Monopoly and McDonald’s co-branding contest.

Each year, the two companies team up to create a Monopoly game board and on select McDonald purchases customers get properties on the game board.  If you collect every property in a colour you win cash prizes (up to one million dollars).  This contest has been going on since 1987, yet it still evokes excitement in me and many others each year.

I think the contest prevents itself from going stale due to the huge influence of McDonalds and Monopoly.  These two brands are both leaders and have a strong and loyal following.  Combining the two is such a powerful force that the contest never becomes boring to most people.

Also, the contest is upgraded and changed slightly from year to year, as some years gift certificates can be won or different prizes can be awarded and a few years ago they added interactive online games.

Combining the two brands gives the contest the endurance to last over a long period of time.  I pretty much only eat McDonalds when this contest is on as I like collecting the Monopoly prizes.


2 comments so far

  1. Brandon on

    McDonalds and Monopoly, apparently two things the world can’t live without. :p

  2. troyvstew on

    I could live without McDonald’s, but not Monopoly!

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