PC Superdogs vs. Ricoh





PC Superdogs and Ricoh were both prominent sponsors at the 2010 Royal Winter Fair.  Yet I remember President’s Choice as a pet food company and I only know Ricoh by name, not what they stand for.

Superdogs is a 30 minute show featuring all different sorts of dog tricks and dog races.  Its title sponsor is President’s Choice, the in store brand at any Loblaw’s owned store.  During the presentation, large PC symbols adorn pretty much everything.

The best part of their branding is the giant inflatable bags which look like dog food bags at the grocery stores. President’s Choice also sets up a nutrition booth near the event to give away samples, give nutritional info and to promote all of its different types of pet food.

In contrast, Ricoh sponsors the main arena (part of their deal with the Toronto Marlies and the horse jumping show: The Ricoh Big Ben Challenge.  While the sponsorship helps out horse jumping, it doesn’t create any brand loyalty for Ricoh. Most people will remember the name, but they have no idea about the brand.  Admittedly, marketing copiers and fax machines is much harder; yet, Ricoh establishes no brand loyalty while spending a lot of money.

Ricoh and PC are sure to host other events and participate in numerous other public relations activities; however, at the Royal Winter Fair the PC Superdogs were effective at brand promotion while Ricoh remains an unknown brand.


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