The Marketing Success of Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly, so the song goes.  I agree with the song too.  People in general are much nicer, happier and joyful around Christmas compared to any other time of the year.  The public is also apt to spend lots of money during Christmas.  While many criticize the commercialization of Christmas, I think marketing has only enhanced the gift giving of Christmas.

Christmas has been celebrated for centuries and has always brought families, friends and happiness to the forefront of our minds.  Usually these are pushed to the back of our minds for the majority of the year, but Christmas evokes something in us.  It inspires, it gives hope and people are genuinely in a good mood around Christmas.

What happens when people are carefree and happy? They tend to have parties, give gifts which results in spent money.  Instead of worrying, people are happy.  Instead of saving, people spend and instead of working, they spend lots of time with family.

Marketing has enhanced the spirit of Christmas in both happiness and gift buying.  Christmas is now associated with giving.  You are a rare family if you do not give boatloads of gifts during Christmas.  Marketing has been so successful because it has a natural launching pad to start with.  Yet, if people feel better during Christmas is it okay to have gluttonous spending as a by-product? (or better feelings a by-product of over-spending)?

Yes, it is okay.  In the end, money is just money but family is something special.  If the kindness, joy and feeling of Christmas could carry out for the entire 12 months, the world would be much happier overall.  Physical objects such as money do not create happiness.  Christmas brings the spirit that all humans need to have.  Enjoy your Christmas with family and friends!


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