Happy New Year!

So begins 2011.  One year ago I was knee deep in philosophy; now I am knee deep in public relations.  Change occurs at a rapid pace and any person in PR better remember that.

Change is good as it means progress but it is best to always be prepared for it.  If a company or client fails to respond to change they are going to be left in the dust.  With a new year, brings a renewed passion and vigour.  If you have failed to react in the past, start reacting and begin to be proactive.

One year brings lots of new and exciting challenges to anyone.  I am excited for the next semester of public relations and my career launch after the semester ends.  It is exciting to think that I will be working in the field soon and putting all of my new skills to help people further their products.

So goodbye 2010 and happy New Year! Enjoy 2011 and be prepared for the exciting year ahead.


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