PR and its Bad Reputation

As my journey continues in the PR and Loyalist College world and I write this (now voluntary) blog, the last few weeks have been busy, fun and eye-opening. From reading numerous blogs, comments, and meeting other people in general, PR does not have a great reputation.

Ironic that the profession concerned with the public has a negative image in their eyes.  Yet, it is the reality. I believe that PR has gotten a bad reputation due to the actions of a few people and because it is associated with corporations, which never have received much public admiration.

First off, the terms “PR stunt” “spin doctor” and all of the typical jargon to deride PR are used quite commonly now, especially when reading about the actions of banks and car manufacturers. These terms are ingrained and probably won’t die away soon. But as PR professionals I think we must strive to leave these terms behind and create great events and say what we can about the situation, rather than trying to spin the truth.  If we create a great event, then the public will not decry it as a “PR stunt.” If we say what we can during any situation without spouting falsity then the public will have no reason to call us “spin doctors.”

The CPRS (Canadian Public Relations Society) and the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) are the two major PR associations in Canada and provide all PR professionals with codes of ethics. All members must abide by their rules and for good reason.

If all PR professionals follow good judgement, maybe our profession will be seen as a good career rather than a bad one. Perhaps people will be proud to call themselves Public Relations professionals, rather than shroud their profession with words like communicators, public affairs or any other synonym. I know I am proud to be involved with PR, are you?



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  1. Kasey on

    I sure am!

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