iOS vs. Android: Will Apple Ever Learn?

Apple has a great brand, a great selling product, and legions of loyal followers. I own an iPhone4, and if I was rich, I would own a shiny new iMac or Macbook. Yet, I cannot help but feel as though Apple has not learned from its past mistakes.

In the early 90s, Apple had pretty good success with its Macintosh. They could sell them at a high price, and had a large market share. But Microsoft and Windows overtook Apple in a very similar way that Google is taking over the iOS: Windows was available on many platforms (IBM, Toshiba, HP, Dell, custom builds etc.,), while Apple had its one line of Apple computers (and some knock offs).

Although Apple is an innovator extraordinaire, it could not keep up with the PC because each company could learn from the others mistakes. Eventually, the PC became more affordable and better than the Macintosh over the years. Apple limited the progress of its Macintosh by keeping the OS to one platform.

Now look at the iOS. It is only available for iPhones, an Apple made product. The Android OS started out much worse, but now has drawn even and arguably has pulled ahead.

While Apple can keep launching one kind of iPhone and improving it, its competitors will release multiple different Android phones. Eventually it seems like Apple will fail to keep up and many analysts are predicting a small share of the market for the iPhone.

Apple always keeps its software and hardware together (perhaps due to the knock off Macintoshes) but it needs to expand the reach of iOS. Otherwise, Android will leave Apple with a small and, likely unprofitable, slice of the pie.

Do you agree? Let me know by commenting!


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  1. RAMAN on

    i m new in mobile application..

    i have one question – learning ANDROID is better or IPHONE.

    plz suggest me.. i m confused.

    • troyvstew on

      Either one is great to learn on. Android will most likely be the more popular, but both have tons of apps and are very user friendly.

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