One Year Anniversary!



One Year PR With Troy

Over one year ago, this blog was created, as a class project for Loyalist PR. However, I immediately realised that this blog was way more than a class project. I began showing up on Google, people started talking to me about blog articles I wrote, and I got in touch with local politicians about Downtown Belleville.

When I went for interviews, hiring managers had already heard about me because of my blogging and social media outreach. I’ve attended events and can start the conversation with “Hey, I saw you on Twitter!” and they can respond “I read this blog your wrote…”

It’s been a great adventure, and admittedly work has gotten in the way of my blog (as noted by my month long absence) but I am still here, and still blogging (and also blogging professionally). So stay tuned, and thanks for making this first year so great!











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  1. […] so a fellow classmate from my PR program shamed me into it, I’ll admit. Thanks Troy, lol. I too started this blog as a class assignment while doing my program at Loyalist College. To […]

  2. Robin Luymes (@SuperDU) on

    Being active in social media (through your blog, but also through Twitter and other tools that can help bring readers to your thoughts and ideas) is definitely a great way to build an online reputation that precedes you, which is important when you’re looking for a job (especially in PR/communications field). Great start, Troy!

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