Red Turns White, White Turns Red

A few weeks ago I was with my fiancé watching the newest Twilight movie (yes I’ll admit it!) One of the commercials that are now ever present at movie theaters was for Coke turning their cans white for the cute cuddly Polar bears.

PR and Brand Change

I said to Ashley “That’s a neat idea! And works great because everyone knows Coke and polar bears.”

Well, turns out that prima facie judgement was all wrong, people hated the new cans! Kudos to Coke’s branding department for creating such an emotional impact with the red can. Minus for not researching consumer reaction to new cans.

From Diet coke confusion to a different taste, the complaints were everywhere. Sadly, the polar bears are going , going… gone from shelves now.

Perhaps Coke should have stuck with a red can, and white polar bears on it. Perhaps they should have just donated the polar bear money and not changed the can. Whatever the case I thought it was a great, although flawed, execution  and at least Coke is willing to be daring! (New Coke anyone?)



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