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Red Turns White, White Turns Red

A few weeks ago I was with my fiancé watching the newest Twilight movie (yes I’ll admit it!) One of the commercials that are now ever present at movie theaters was for Coke turning their cans white for the cute cuddly Polar bears.

PR and Brand Change

I said to Ashley “That’s a neat idea! And works great because everyone knows Coke and polar bears.”

Well, turns out that prima facie judgement was all wrong, people hated the new cans! Kudos to Coke’s branding department for creating such an emotional impact with the red can. Minus for not researching consumer reaction to new cans.

From Diet coke confusion to a different taste, the complaints were everywhere. Sadly, the polar bears are going , going… gone from shelves now.

Perhaps Coke should have stuck with a red can, and white polar bears on it. Perhaps they should have just donated the polar bear money and not changed the can. Whatever the case I thought it was a great, although flawed, execution  and at least Coke is willing to be daring! (New Coke anyone?)



Master Twitter in 3 Easy Steps

Want to join, or already joined Twitter but feel overwhelmed?  Here is a quick guide to get you started:


1)      Ditch for HootSuite– is clunky,  unorganized and makes it hard to find topics of interest. Instead, start using an app that allows you to customize your Twitter experience, all from one window.


So. Simple.




2)      Create topic searches: Using keyword searches in HootSuite/TweetDeck allows you to see what interests you. Like popcorn? Have a “popcorn” search set up and you will see any discussions about popcorn in your feed.


3)      Use Twitter Share/HootBar/ Buffer– These allow you to Tweet straight  from a webpage you are viewing. No more copying a URL and pasting it into Twitter.

I spend a lot of time on Twitter, yet unless I need to do some account maintenance, I am never on  Use these tools to make Twitter easy!

Communication Methods are a-Changin’



In the past I blogged about social media and its usefulness in our society (herehere and here) and a few events this past week have underscored its important role in our society.

At the News Canada Networking Breakfast our guest speaker, Martin Waxman of Energi PR gave a presentation to the audience about the “new PR” aka social media.  As president of the CPRS (Canadian Public Relations Society) he knows what he is talking about, and he realizes that communication has shifted towards social media.  Firms, organizations and individuals will have to engage in social media or risk losing their voice.

The following evening, the Spring Quinte Tweet Up was held, and it underscored the impact social media can have on the community.  Without any traditional media, posters or advertising the Tweet Up drew over 60 visitors in two hours.

Only Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth were used.  A grass roots event drew a large crowd to a local pub which created networking opportunities and helped the local economy.

Social media is here and they are only growing bigger.  These are only two local examples of their impact, and many companies and celebrities thrive due to their strategic use of social media.

Facebook and Twitter are the two main examples, but in five years they could easily be replaced.  However, this innovation and change is the great aspect of social media.

If you, or your company, is shy about using social media or think it is useless, think again.  Feel free to contact me or comment and I’ll gladly introduce you to the wonders of social media.

When New isn’t Best

In our classes we have learned that for most annual events three is the limit.  The first year, the event is new, exciting and draws lots of attention.  The second year, an event can learn from its mistakes and add a new concept to still draw lots of attention.  The third year, the event begins to become stale unless some major changes are made.  If you attempt a fourth annual event, hopefully your family shows up to the event (maybe not that dramatic but unexciting and stale).

Yet, there are many events which happen annually and become more popular due to their yearly nature.  The Super Bowl, the World Series and any other major sporting events are good examples.  A current  example is the Monopoly and McDonald’s co-branding contest.

Each year, the two companies team up to create a Monopoly game board and on select McDonald purchases customers get properties on the game board.  If you collect every property in a colour you win cash prizes (up to one million dollars).  This contest has been going on since 1987, yet it still evokes excitement in me and many others each year.

I think the contest prevents itself from going stale due to the huge influence of McDonalds and Monopoly.  These two brands are both leaders and have a strong and loyal following.  Combining the two is such a powerful force that the contest never becomes boring to most people.

Also, the contest is upgraded and changed slightly from year to year, as some years gift certificates can be won or different prizes can be awarded and a few years ago they added interactive online games.

Combining the two brands gives the contest the endurance to last over a long period of time.  I pretty much only eat McDonalds when this contest is on as I like collecting the Monopoly prizes.

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