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Consistency is Key!

While looking at my LinkedIn profile, my WordPress plugin stuck out like a sore thumb: “posted 28 days ago.” I guess time flies when you are having fun, especially when consistency is so important with any form of communication. Any people who view my profile, no matter how good/bad my blog posts are, will see I am out of date, and not committed to my blog (I am, I swear!)

It just reinforces one of my key mottos: consistency is key! No matter how good you perform, no matter how good a product is, no matter how great of press release you make, you have to be consistent. A great post won’t stand the test of time, as people always want more and they want the more to be just as good, if not better.

In an ever growing and competitive world, being consistent is key to your company and brand succeeding. Have a consistent message, logo, image and events and with a bit of hard work and luck, you will perform.

The worst thing I see companies do is a constant shift in messages. They will try something for a few weeks (or less) and see no results, so they give up. This is exemplified perfectly by the vast amount of Facebook pages left abandoned after only a few updates.

So whatever you do, be on target and keep your brand consistent.  Heck, be consistent in life too and you’ll be on your way to success.


Has Social Media Really Created Two-Way Discussions?

After experiencing social media last week at Loyalist PR I have been thinking about social media quite a lot.

One major point of discussion struck me as odd.  Social media is seen as revolutionary because it has created a two-way discussion.  Prior to social media it is said that there was only a one-way discussion.  The media sent out information, the public received the information and they could not change, interact or influence the discussion.

Yet, to me this presumption seems false.  Prior to social media there still were ways to discuss issues.  People could call, write and email the media in order to discuss their feelings.  People could call, write and email the companies in order to complain about their practices.  The two-way discussion still happened.

To me, social media seems like an upgrade to an already existing discussion.  The creation of social media is like a two-lane highway being upgraded to a four-lane highway.  Was there traffic before the upgrade? Sure there was, but now the road can carry significantly more information in both directions.

History has shown riots, upheavals and events which occurred prior to social media. There was still a two way discussion but it was much more limited and happened less frequently.  Now, the information flows freely (and some might argue that there is too much information flowing). To me, more discussion can only be a good thing.

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