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What I’ve Been Up to Lately

Marketing Cobblers Shoes


I’ve grown fond of a saying recently: “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.”

Meaning: The shoe maker is so busy making shoes to earn a living that he has no time to make free shoes for his kids (or something along those lines).

Me, I’ve been doing just the same and this poor blog has had no posts. I’ve been so busy whipping up marketing strategies, doing SEO, writing blog posts, attending sales meetings, etc. etc. that I have had no time to create blog posts for my own blog! Such is the very fun life of working at a marketing firm.

Evidence of my actions is spread around the internet. I appeared on the Loyalist PR blog, show up frequently on the Belleville Chamber Chat Facebook Page and am always chatting with locals on Twitter and Facebook.

It really has been a whirlwind of adventure these past few months… and that’s just the beginning!


One Year Anniversary!



One Year PR With Troy

Over one year ago, this blog was created, as a class project for Loyalist PR. However, I immediately realised that this blog was way more than a class project. I began showing up on Google, people started talking to me about blog articles I wrote, and I got in touch with local politicians about Downtown Belleville.

When I went for interviews, hiring managers had already heard about me because of my blogging and social media outreach. I’ve attended events and can start the conversation with “Hey, I saw you on Twitter!” and they can respond “I read this blog your wrote…”

It’s been a great adventure, and admittedly work has gotten in the way of my blog (as noted by my month long absence) but I am still here, and still blogging (and also blogging professionally). So stay tuned, and thanks for making this first year so great!










Consistency is Key!

While looking at my LinkedIn profile, my WordPress plugin stuck out like a sore thumb: “posted 28 days ago.” I guess time flies when you are having fun, especially when consistency is so important with any form of communication. Any people who view my profile, no matter how good/bad my blog posts are, will see I am out of date, and not committed to my blog (I am, I swear!)

It just reinforces one of my key mottos: consistency is key! No matter how good you perform, no matter how good a product is, no matter how great of press release you make, you have to be consistent. A great post won’t stand the test of time, as people always want more and they want the more to be just as good, if not better.

In an ever growing and competitive world, being consistent is key to your company and brand succeeding. Have a consistent message, logo, image and events and with a bit of hard work and luck, you will perform.

The worst thing I see companies do is a constant shift in messages. They will try something for a few weeks (or less) and see no results, so they give up. This is exemplified perfectly by the vast amount of Facebook pages left abandoned after only a few updates.

So whatever you do, be on target and keep your brand consistent.  Heck, be consistent in life too and you’ll be on your way to success.

Up Next: The Text Fuelled Generation?

My last blog post concerned the rise of social media and this post will examine a possible shift due to the rise.  After reading “Is it time to ban voicemail” by Martin Waxman, I see a major communications shift occurring.  We are moving from a primarily spoken word society, into a primarily written word society.

Think about it. During the day, many of us communicate with colleagues, friends, family and loved ones through texts, email, Facebook, blogs, Twitter and IM.  It is so quick and easy to stay in touch through these written channels.  Only when something is urgent or serious do we resort to calling or meeting face-to-face.

If you disagree, I think the shift has just not made it your way.  But it is coming.  Businesses are decentralizing and the main form of contact is through text.  We have too many things to do and it is far easier to reply via email or Facebook than to take 5 minutes to call and give an answer.

While text based communications allow for many contacts and to have two way conversations, it lacks the human touch and is usually short, leading to miscommunications.  Many social media crises start because of a wrongly interpreted piece.  I think a balance is needed, between oral and written communication.

Many thought writing was dead with the advent of TV, Radio, cameras and camcorders.  Yet, now writing is making a come back.  Eventually, things will start shifting back to oral communication (they always do) but for now, get your keyboards, fingers, and touchscreens ready. Oh, and don’t forget your brain.

Is .50c Worth the Risk?

School is back in session; students return to class and stand in line to wait for student loans. Normally things go smoothly, yet this time before leaving the loan room, they are told they need to pay .50c in change, or else they won’t receive their diploma. Huh?

Back in September, students could option to pay all their tuition via their first loan installment. Yet, something went wrong with the mathematics and now the college wants the student to pay for the college’s mistake or else the college won’t give them a diploma. On the one side, the student does owe money; however, they were not the one who messed up the tuition payment. The college decided how much the full tuition was and took it off the student’s loan installment.

I have talked a lot about crisis communications on my blog and one of the key aspects is to identify potential crises and remove them. A PR nightmare is just waiting to happen if a student fails or refuses to pay .50c. Local media would run with the story of a hard working student being denied their diploma and chances are the situation could be a national embarrassment. Enrollment and prestige in the college could plummet and they would be out thousands of dollars.

Instead of threatening the students, the college should absorb their accounting error. If every student owed .50c, it would only be close to $1,000.  That pales in comparison with the damage a PR crisis would cause.

Happy New Year!

So begins 2011.  One year ago I was knee deep in philosophy; now I am knee deep in public relations.  Change occurs at a rapid pace and any person in PR better remember that.

Change is good as it means progress but it is best to always be prepared for it.  If a company or client fails to respond to change they are going to be left in the dust.  With a new year, brings a renewed passion and vigour.  If you have failed to react in the past, start reacting and begin to be proactive.

One year brings lots of new and exciting challenges to anyone.  I am excited for the next semester of public relations and my career launch after the semester ends.  It is exciting to think that I will be working in the field soon and putting all of my new skills to help people further their products.

So goodbye 2010 and happy New Year! Enjoy 2011 and be prepared for the exciting year ahead.

The Marketing Success of Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly, so the song goes.  I agree with the song too.  People in general are much nicer, happier and joyful around Christmas compared to any other time of the year.  The public is also apt to spend lots of money during Christmas.  While many criticize the commercialization of Christmas, I think marketing has only enhanced the gift giving of Christmas.

Christmas has been celebrated for centuries and has always brought families, friends and happiness to the forefront of our minds.  Usually these are pushed to the back of our minds for the majority of the year, but Christmas evokes something in us.  It inspires, it gives hope and people are genuinely in a good mood around Christmas.

What happens when people are carefree and happy? They tend to have parties, give gifts which results in spent money.  Instead of worrying, people are happy.  Instead of saving, people spend and instead of working, they spend lots of time with family.

Marketing has enhanced the spirit of Christmas in both happiness and gift buying.  Christmas is now associated with giving.  You are a rare family if you do not give boatloads of gifts during Christmas.  Marketing has been so successful because it has a natural launching pad to start with.  Yet, if people feel better during Christmas is it okay to have gluttonous spending as a by-product? (or better feelings a by-product of over-spending)?

Yes, it is okay.  In the end, money is just money but family is something special.  If the kindness, joy and feeling of Christmas could carry out for the entire 12 months, the world would be much happier overall.  Physical objects such as money do not create happiness.  Christmas brings the spirit that all humans need to have.  Enjoy your Christmas with family and friends!

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